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Straw Blower

Planning for and protecting land against the effects of erosion is crucial to creating a more beautiful and more functional world. Doing this requires specialized equipment that you can rely on. The new straw blowers from ETR Equipment on this page is uniquely suited to preventing erosion and its long-lasting effects on a landscape. If you need new seeding equipment or erosion control, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

Straw blowers deliver high-quality results for farmers, contractors, landscapers, and many other users. Rain erosion reduces productivity by removing nutrient-rich topsoil. Adding a layer of straw on the ground is the best way to fight back!

Although straw blowers are valued for erosion prevention, they serve other purposes too. Heavy rain on dirt patches results in muddy, swamp-like conditions, rendering the land unusable for machines and foot and animal traffic. It’s a big mess! But our straw blowers for sale are an inexpensive way to cover soil with straw.

Stabilize soil, mitigate mud, and keep your land intact with straw. Ultimately, our hay blower is a highly effective, low-cost BMP for controlling erosion and sedimentation by quickly establishing vegetation.

Square Bale Aero-Mulchers® from:

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Round Bale Hay Blowers (Processors) from:

Haybuster, erosion control equipment, hay processor, seed drill, rock picker

Contact Dusty, our Equipment Sales Director, today for more information, a demo, or a price quote on New & Used Hydroseeding and Erosion Control Equipment! Need help selling your machines? We can help with that too, contact Dusty Today! 

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Anyone can sell you equipment, but at ETR Equipment, we show you how to make money with your machines!

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